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Justin Bieber Offered Plea Deal in Miami Dui Case to Avoid Jail Time

Justin has been offered a plea deal to avoid jail for driving under the influence (DUI),

Expert: Justin Bieber’s Bad behavior is ‘Normal’ for a 19-yo Boy With Lots of Money

An interview between Joshua from theDailyBeast.com and Cathleen Falsani (the author of “Belieber! Fame, Faith and

Lawyer Protecting Justin Bieber’s Private Videotape from Media Exposure, Report says

According to Reuters, Justin Bieber’s legal team were trying to prevent a reported videotape of Justin

Police Released Video of Justin Bieber in Jailhouse – Prison Cell

OMG.. Police have released the surveillance video of Justin Bieber moments after he arrived at the

TRIAL: Justin Bieber’s Set to Appear in Miami Court on March 3, 2014

Justin Bieber is set to go to trial (March 3, 2014) for his recent arrest on

GPS Record Shows No Evidence of Justin Bieber Drag Racing. Cops Lied?

Cops may have lied about Justin Bieber drag racing, GPS records emerge. TMZ has obtained the