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Alex From Target Being Compared to Justin Bieber – VIDEO INTERVIEW

“Extra” caught up with Internet sensation Alex Lee aka #AlexFromTarget right after his interview on “The

Selena Gomez Ellen Interview – Life After Bieber

http://youtu.be/hEL4oyHD5Aw Selena Gomez opened up to Ellen on how she’s doing since her relationship with Justin

Justin Bieber talks Grammy Nomination + Overall on Ellen!

Justin sat down with Ellen and told her his feelings about the Grammy nominations, and the

Hole-y Cow, It’s Justin Bieber -Toys for Tots!

Justin Bieber had some fun with Ellen and her fun toy for the holidays, Hole-y Cow!

Justin Bieber’s new Girlfriend – Ellen

Justin gives Ellen a jacket that says “Girlfriend.” Justin Bieber and Ellen sport their matching jackets.

Justin Bieber’s Graduation (Video)

It was a very important day at Ellen show — Justin Bieber graduated from high school!