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Justin Bieber Spends Quality Time With Family, Coping with the Controversy!

Justin Bieber is taking some much-needed time away from the spotlight and bonding with his family

Family Vacation!

Unseen pic of Justin, his dad and siblings on vacation.

Uncle Leo Nicholson Defends Justin Bieber – Praising JB to Follow his Dream

Justin’s uncle Leo Nicholson also took to Instagram to defend Justin in the wake of the

Justin Bieber: ‘I Have the Greatest Dad in the World, He’s my Superhero #Batman’

Justin praised his much criticized father, Jeremy Bieber in an Instagram late Thursday, posted next to

Celebrate Jaxon Bieber 4th Birthday! [VIDEO]

Jaxon celebrated his 4th birthday with Jeremy, Justin and Jazmyn Bieber during the shoot for one

Hiking at Night

@justinbieber: Me and my dad hiking