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Happy Holidays! Justin Bieber Spending Christmas with Family in Canada!

Justin Bieber is home with his family in Canada. Jeremy posted pics with captioned “My boys

Justin Bieber Spends Quality Time With Family, Coping with the Controversy!

Justin Bieber is taking some much-needed time away from the spotlight and bonding with his family

Family Vacation!

Unseen pic of Justin, his dad and siblings on vacation.

Uncle Leo Nicholson Defends Justin Bieber – Praising JB to Follow his Dream

Justin’s uncle Leo Nicholson also took to Instagram to defend Justin in the wake of the

Justin Bieber: ‘I Have the Greatest Dad in the World, He’s my Superhero #Batman’

Justin praised his much criticized father, Jeremy Bieber in an Instagram late Thursday, posted next to

Celebrate Jaxon Bieber 4th Birthday! [VIDEO]

Jaxon celebrated his 4th birthday with Jeremy, Justin and Jazmyn Bieber during the shoot for one