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Jeremy Bieber and Pattie Mallette Kissing on a Stage? (JB concert, Israel)

(Left)Bieberfamily hugging. (Right)Jeremy kissing pattie? Watch the video below! This video causing lot of confusion among

Justin Bieber Misses his family; Jazzy, Jaxo and his Dad

Justin didn’t mention his mom Pattie Mallette because she is going on world tour with him.

Ryan Butler and Chaz Somers surprise BFF Justin Bieber on “the Seven” MTV

While in NewYork City promoting his movie Never Say Never 3D, Justin’s best friends from his

Justin Bieber Family’s House in Stratford, Canada (pic)

(top pic) Bieber grandparents in the front yard (captured by Google’s Street View) (bottom pic) Bieber

Family & Friends bring a surprise cake on stage

Justin Bieber received a pleasant surprise in the middle of a concert he gave in Toronto,

Happy one-year Birthday Jaxon Bieber

Happy Birthday Jaxon, you’re really look like ur brother, so adorable. 🙂 For those who dont