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Justin Bieber and His Dad “Jeremy” Shooting Hoops

Justin and His Dad Shootin Hoops. I love when JB’s lil sister, Jazmine in the background

More Pic of Justin Bieber with Family

Justin Bieber posing shirtless with his dad (Jeremy Bieber) and manager (Scott Braun). With mom, pattee!

Little Justin Bieber (Video)

ADORABLE. a clip from his montage of baby clips at his my world 2.0 concert.

Justin Bieber Misses his Best friends, Ryan & Chaz

Justin Bieber said he misses his best friends now that he’s a global popstar. He revealed:

(More Pic) Mom and Dad

More pic of Justin with his Mom (Pattie) and Dad (Jeremy)

What is Kidrauhl? Why did Justin Bieber Name his Youtube Channel Kidrauhl?

Why did Justin Bieber name his Youtube Channel Kidrauhl? Who came up with this name? and