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Justin Bieber Buys his Family a New $850,000 Home in Canada

Justin Bieber has just bought his family a new home in a tiny Canadian wilderness town

Jaxon, Jazzy & Jeremy Bieber at Selena Gomez’s Concert in Toronto

The Bieber family attends Selena Gomez’s concert in Toronto last night. More pics

Justin Bieber – Family vacation

Justin, his dad, Alfredo and Ryan on a vacation. @alfredoflores: Family vacation

Justin Bieber Gets a Big Hug from Grandmother Before Concert!

Grandma Diane Dale hugs Justin before his concert at the Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, Canada.

VIDEO: Say You Love ME!

Justin Bieber and Jazmyn!

Justin Bieber & Family Arriving in Paris, France (March 17)

Justin and his family in Paris. He’s set to perform at palais omnisports de paris-bercy in