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Justin Bieber Records ‘Sickest Song Ever’ in much anticipated fourth studio album

Justin Bieber revealed he recorded the “sickest song ever” to fans waiting outside a Los Angeles

Fans meeting Justin Bieber at Studio 5AM in the morning -VIDEO

Justin Bieber meets, hugs, kisses, dances and takes pictures with fans outside the studio in Los

Justin Bieber Meeting Fans outside Recording Studio [PICS+VIDEO]

Justin Bieber had an impromptu sing-along with fans outside a Los Angeles recording studio while taking

Justin Bieber Poses with Handsome Police Officer at Kreation Juice Shop! [PIC]

Justin Bieber mugged for the camera next to a police officer, but no, Justin wasn’t in trouble.

Justin Bieber Fan – Progeria sufferer Hayley Okines dies, aged 17

One of Justin Bieber’s fans; Hayley Okines, known as the “100-year-old teenager” died Thursday night. She

Justin Bieber Reacts to Zayn Malik Leaving 1D (Nooo.. he’s my favorite!) – Watch Video!

Justin Bieber was leaving Bar 20 at the Grafton Hotel in West Hollywood Thursday when paparazzi