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Justin Bieber Impersonator Jailed for 6 Years for Child sex grooming

A New Zealand Paedophile impersonated Justin Bieber on social media to trick young girls into sending

Justin Bieber Meeting Fans in NYC -Nov10 [Gallery]

More pics Justin and fans in NYC – November 10.

Justin Bieber to Take Lucky Fan to Israel in Private Jet – Wants to be more Religious -PIC

Justin takes a lucky fan on his private Jet on Halloween day (October 31). According to

Justin Bieber Super Nice to His FANS in Soho, NYC -VIDEO

Justin Bieber stopped to take pictures with fans after a little bit of Shop Therapy in Soho,

Justin Bieber Tells NYC Fans: I’m Releasing New Album in My Birthday – March 2015

Justin Bieber meeting some fans in NYC on Friday. He reportedly told fans that he wants

Justin Bieber & Fans in PARIS -GALLERY

More pics of Justin & fans in PARIS.