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Justin Bieber meeting fans in LA (Feb6)

Justin meeting fans at the restaurant in Los Angeles, CA (February 6th)

Justin Bieber on “The Doctors” – Meeting Kilee Brookbank (the House Explosion Victim)

Justin Bieber is set to appear on the Thursday’s edition of The Doctors as a surprise

Caught Fans Trespassing, Justin Bieber Didn’t Call the Police! Took their cellphones!

Fans reportedly came face-to-face with Justin himself when they entered the clifftop house via an open

Poor Thing! A Fan Falls Out of Car While Chasing Justin Bieber! PICS

Justin Bieber pops his head out of his car after spotting Larry King on the street

Fan Asks Justin Bieber If He’s Still In Love with Selena Gomez -VIDEO

Justin Bieber takes selfies with fans at the Niketown (Jan16). He was dressed in blue shorts

Meet Blake Kerwin, 17-Year-Old Transgender Who Acts & Dresses Like Justin Bieber

17-year-old Blake Kerwin from Wigan in the UK dresses and acts so much like Justin Bieber