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A Crazy Fan Gets on Stage and almost Hug Justin Bieber (July 5th Verizon theatre)

Omg, A crazy fan gets on stage to kiss/hug Justin! but he just keep on singing

Beliebers vs. Haters [May 28, 2010]

Justin Bieber hater youtube: ImAdocter3000 Justin Bieber fans fights back youtube:soccerchicks009 You tell ’em beliebers.

Justin Bieber Interview on Ellen & 17 Lucky Fans (Video+Pic)

Justin Bieber interview on Ellen Show. Ellen is very funny and fun kinda person. In general,

Crazy 11 Year Old Girl almost Throw Up Interviewing Justin Bieber

Funny video from JimmyKimmel. A crazy girl interviwing Justin Bieber. Note: the video was edited! Lol..

Justin Bieber got his Hat Back, but WHo Stole the Hat?

Pic of Two fake beliebers! Justin Bieber finally got his precious purple hat back from the

Crazy New Zealand fans Stole Justin’s HAT and Knocked down Mama Bieber, Patty!

Hundreds of obsessed fans mobbed Justin Bieber and knocked down mama bieber as he arrived in