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3 year old Girl Crying over Justin Bieber

This is 3 year old little girl. She loves everyone and on this day, when her

A fan gives Justin Bieber a “SPECIAL DOG TAG”

Justin Bieber opened up to BOP! about the very special dog tag he always wears around

Did Fans cause Justin Bieber get Arrested by Police?

Justin Bieber has once been threatened with arrest. WENN reported the “One Less Lonely Girl” singer

Will Justin Bieber marry his Fans?

OMG you guys! How excited are you to read this?!? So, here’s the dealy. Justin Bieber

Bieber’s Obsessed Fan

One of Justin Bieber obsessed fan at Westfield Mall – London, UK – January 18, 2010

Justin Bieber is a New Orleans Saints fan? hmm

Just a few hours ago Justin Bieber called another person a name on twitter. Here’s the