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No Drugs Found in Justin Bieber’s Bag. But Why Did Police Search his Bags?

As previously reported, Justin had his bags checked by drug-sniffing dogs at Fort Lauderdale airport in Florida and cops found nothing. But why did they search his bags? According to TMZ, the reason cops searched the bags is because they received an anonymous tip someone in Justin’s party had drugs in their luggages. Justin’s bags, along… Read More »

Justin Bieber Almost Loses his Pants at Jacksonville FL Concert #BelieveTour (8/7/13)

Last night in Jacksonville, Florida Justin Bieber did not disappoint his Beliebers, but he may have shown a little too much if you ask your Mom! Justin almost loses his pants, live on-stage at Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, FLORIDA. Check out some HOT photos and videos below as he steams up the stage… Read More »

A Belieber gets Free Pass for Bieber Meet and Greet in Jacksonville, FL

Justin Bieber does it again and makes a “Belieber” out of one very special local teenager in Jacksonville FL. After getting help from a generous belieber, Laura Mongore got to meet Justin face to face at the Meet and Greet, in Jacksonville, FL. A “#HelpLauraMeetJB” hashtag spread the news and touched 14-year-old Taylor Gorham and… Read More »