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Full Justin Bieber Appearance on Le Grand Journal on Canal+ | Paris, France -VIDEO

Here’s Justin’s appearance on French nightly news and talk show Le Grand Journal on Canal+. He’s

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Justin Bieber is opening up in front of cameras again, this time in a revealing new

Justin Bieber & Jean Roch attending the Mercedes-Benz Party at VIP Room in Paris, France

Justin Bieber poses with Jean Roch at the Mercedes-Benz Party as part of the Paris Fashion

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Justin Bieber Fighting at Gotcha Nightclub in Cannes France -PICS

Justin Bieber reportedly got in a fight at Gotha nightclub in Cannes recently, but thanks to

Justin Bieber Attending amfAR’s 2014 Cinema Against AIDS Gala – FRance (Gallery VIDEO)

Wearing Dolce & Gabbana’s suit & tie, Justin Bieber arriving at amfAR’s 2014 Cinema Against AIDS