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More Pictures: Justin Bieber Arrival at Universal Music France!

Justin arrives at the Universal Music France! PARIS! Photo by: Justin & Dan Kanter about

Justin Bieber Singing on the Balcony PARIS

Justin Bieber singing “BABY” on the balcony for hundreds of French fans FREE! “PARIS! 20-22, rue

Justin Bieber + Greeny Shoes in Paris Today!

More candid pics of Justin Bieber in Paris today! Justin ready to sign autograph for fans

Justin Bieber’s interview with NRJ Paris France

Justin’s interview with NRJ.

Justin Bieber Passed-Out & Suffered a Concussion in Paris

OMB.. Justin Bieber ran into a glass door again, and again! Watch Justin ran into glass

Justin Bieber NRJ Radio France Today!

Justin Bieber visits NRJ Radio France.