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Justin Bieber ‘Gay Kiss’ Photo is REAL, but NOT Him!

Justin has been the victim of an internet hoax misunderstanding again. A picture of a boy who looked strikingly like Justin Bieber surfaced which appeared to show him kissing another boy. The image soon went VIRAL with beliebers wondering if Justin had partaken in some boy-on-boy action. However, it was soon PROVED that the image… Read More »

Astros Jarred Cosart Apologizes for Using Homophobic Slur ‘Fag Bieber’ on Twitter

Astros pitcher Jarred Cosart has apologized after he used a gay/homophobic slur to describe Justin Bieber when he tweeted a message to a former teammate. Jarred deleted the offensive tweet from his account and apologized for “a very poor choice of words.” He also says in a tweet that the earlier post does not reflect… Read More »

Soldiers Wearing Super-Tight Justin Bieber T-shirts

Marines wearing super skin-tight pink T-shirt of Justin Bieber. One soldier, identified only as vchama uploaded these hilarious photographs to Reddit.com, after his mother sent the shirts to her son’s Afghanistan base. We’re all Beliebers! The four marines pose at their Afghanistan base wearing the teeny Justin Bieber T-shirts. More pics!