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Justin Bieber to Perform for 500 Lucky fans in Frankfurt!

“I’m soo happy.. Cuz in 5 min I’m performing for 500 lucky winners love u guys!”

Fans Welcome Justin Bieber at Frankfurt International Airport

German beliebers waiting for JB at Frankfurt International airport.

Justin Bieber Coming to Germany!

Justin tweeted and posted new pic via instagram: ” Airport. On da way to Germany” “EUROPE

Justin Bieber Leaving the Dorint Hotel in Cologne, Germany!

Justin Bieber and his lil sister Jazzy leaving the Dorint Hotel in Cologne, Germany. (Photo by:

BILD Meets Justin Bieber – Interview Justin’s interview with BILD magazine Germany!

Justin Bieber Private Concert BILD Germany Justin Bieber gave a small private concert for BILD Magazine in Germany. He performs “DIE