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Justin Bieber new hairstyle 2015 – perfectly coiffed!

His teen hairstyle set thousands of girl’s hearts on fire and sent thousands of boys heading

Goodbye to Justin Bieber long hair – Hello Short hair 2015

Again, Justin Bieber has undergone a major hair transformation — so major, in fact, that this

Justin Bieber Back to the ‘Old Bieber Hair’ – Floppy Hairstyle

Justin Bieber has officially reverted back to his floppy hairstyle of his pre-pubescent days. And it

Hair Makeover: Justin Bieber Dyed His Hair Platinum Blonde!

Justin Bieber has taken things to the next level by dyeing his hair an edgy shade

#facetimemoments Talking New Music and New Hairstyle

via Instagram. @scooterbraun: #facetimemoments talking new music and new hairstyle? with @justinbieber

Justin Bieber & Fans in NYC + New Hairdo

Justin meeting fans in NYC today.