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Justin Bieber Scolded for Kicking a Ball Inside the Vatican, report says

Several different news outlets reported over the past few days that Justin was kicking the ball

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Clubbing at Gilda Nightclub in Italy

Justin having fun at the Gilda nightclub in Roma, Italy (October 10, 2014) Watch VIDEO BELOW:

Justin Bieber Playing Basketball at the Stella Azzurra Basketball Academy in Rome, Italy

Justin Bieber playing basketball in Rome, Italy. Justin Bieber dribbles his way down the basketball court

Justin Bieber & Dad’s World Adventure – Shaving Mustache!

Justin is currently traveling with his father Jeremy and posted a black and white snapshot to

‘I’m a Tourist’ – Justin Bieber on a Vacation! – VIDEO

Justin Bieber is vacationing in Italy right now, and he just wants some peace, quiet and

Riding Scooter: Justin Bieber in Italy – Gallery

Justin Bieber in Florence Italy. He seemed to be terrified on the back of the Vespa,