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Argentina wants to arrest Justin Bieber over Paparazzi Beating Scandal -VIDEO!

An Argentine judge ordered the arrest of Justin Bieber if he sets foot in the country

Justin Bieber Tweets DUI Arrest One Year Anniversary: “The difference a year makes.”

Justin Bieber just reminded us all that it’s been 365 days since he was pulled over,

Justin Bieber Jailed in Selena Gomez’ Behaving Badly Movie – Cameo

Justin Bieber’s cameo in Selena Gomez’ new movie “Behaving Badly” to be released in August 2014.

Justin Bieber Doing Pushup in Miami Cell (VIDEO)

The Miami-Dade County police released another video of Justin in jailhouse. The footage video was released

Media Released Justin Bieber’s Sobriety Test VIDEO

Media outlets & TMZ have released one more video of Justin Bieber (Wednesday FEB26) in jail

Justin Bieber’s Urinating in Jail Video Remain Private After Media Urge Judge to Release Them (For Now)

News media asks Florida judge to release Justin Bieber jail videos [full version]. Judge is holding