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Home in Canada – Justin Bieber Goes Fishing With Brother Jaxon!

Justin Bieber went fishing with his little brother Jaxon. He posted a cute picture from their

Happy Holidays! Justin Bieber Spending Christmas with Family in Canada!

Justin Bieber is home with his family in Canada. Jeremy posted pics with captioned “My boys

Justin Bieber: ‘Happy Birthday @JaxonBieber, I Love You’

Justin wishing his little brother, Jaxon Bieber a happy birthday.

Home Sweet Home

Jeremy took a pic of Justin & Jaxon sleeping together at home, in Canada. @jeremybieber: Safe

Jaxon to Jazmyn: ‘I Love You’ (Video)

@justinbieber: Awwww..

Celebrate Jaxon Bieber 4th Birthday! [VIDEO]

Jaxon celebrated his 4th birthday with Jeremy, Justin and Jazmyn Bieber during the shoot for one