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Selena Gomez Brings Jaxon Bieber to Toronto Film Festival TIFF

Selena brought Justin’s little brother Jaxon to the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of her animated

Justin Bieber & Family at Sushi Resto in Studio City, California

Justin Bieber takes his dad Jeremy and his half siblings Jazmyn and Jaxon out for lunch

Video! Jaxon Being Jaxon.

Hahahhaha SO CUTE!

Justin Bieber and Jaxon Private Jet Flying Adventure!

Justin Bieber spending more quality time with his little bro, Jaxon. He made his way to

Justin Bieber, Selena, Jazzy, Jaxon, Jeremy, Moshe & Selena’s Family at Sushi Dan restaurant in LA

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s family get together in LA (July 27, 2012).

Justin Bieber at the Beach with lil Bro Jaxon Feb10

Justin at the beach in California with Jaxon & Jeremy Bieber (x) This pics was taken