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Happy Father’s Day – Justin Pays Tribute to his Dad

Justin Bieber couldn’t resist posting up a heart-warming message at his father to celebrate the worldwide

Happy 40th Birthday Jeremy Bieber

Jeremy is known for putting Jaxon and Jazmyn’s face inside the cake. Now… Justin retaliates… Happy

Jeremy Bieber & Miley Cyrus Hookup Rumor – Fake Stories

A new rumor is linking Miley Cyrus to Justin’s dad – Jeremy Bieber. The report is

Justin Bieber’s Sister Jazmyn Wants to be Famous Star?

Is Justin Bieber’s sister about to join him in the wonderful world of celebrity? According to

Justin Bieber Tattooing his Dad, Jeremy Bieber

Justin doing a tattoo on his dad Jeremy Bieber at Toronto studio. @JeremyBieber: Tatt up

Family Vacation!

Unseen pic of Justin, his dad and siblings on vacation.