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Justin Bieber: ‘I Have the Greatest Dad in the World, He’s my Superhero #Batman’

Justin praised his much criticized father, Jeremy Bieber in an Instagram late Thursday, posted next to

Justin Bieber to Open High-End Tattoo Parlor with his Dad, Jeremy

Justin Bieber reportedly is planning on opening up his own tattoo parlor with his dad, Jeremy

7 Years of Kidrauhl

Today, January 15th, 2014 is exactly 7 years of Kidrauhl. Mom Pattie Mallette created Justin’s youtube

Justin Bieber in San Francisco!

Justin,  his dad, Lil Za and the founder of Shot of Me @Johnny  in San Francisco. @johnny: Showing

Justin Bieber & Dad Jeremy at the Toronto Maple Leaf Game [VIDEO]

Justin Bieber and his daddy Jeremy Bieber take in the Maple Leaf hockey game at the

Justin Bieber Photo Frame Hangin on the Wall in his Dad’s House

Justin’s dad, Jeremy Bieber posted a new selfie via, photo taken inside his new house