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Like Father Like Son: Justin & Jeremy Bieber!

Justin & Jeremy. Adorable!!

Justin Bieber’s Biggest Smile :)

Justin Mallette Bieber! From his latest book “Just Getting Started”

Justin Bieber & Family at Sushi Resto in Studio City, California

Justin Bieber takes his dad Jeremy and his half siblings Jazmyn and Jaxon out for lunch

Justin & Jeremy Bieber Lunch at The Common in Calabasas

Justin Bieber leaves lunch at the Commons in Calabasas with his dad, Jeremy on Saturday (July

Justin Bieber, Selena, Jazzy, Jaxon, Jeremy, Moshe & Selena’s Family at Sushi Dan restaurant in LA

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s family get together in LA (July 27, 2012).

Justin Bieber and Family Shopping at Topanga Mall

Justin Bieber made his exit from Target at the Topanga shopping mall in Woodland Hills, California