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Joe Jonas: “Bieber’s Having a Tough Time Finding Balance”

Check out what Joe Jonas had to say about Justin & his daddy Jeremy Bieber in the spring 2014 issue of Scene magazine: I’ve had an easier route than most. The youngsters just turning 20, the Biebers of the world, are under a microscope. [Bieber] is having a very tough time finding balance. I think we all… Read More »

Jonas Brothers Diss Justin Bieber “No Interest Peeing in Buckets”

When appearing on MuchMusic in Canada yesterday to promote their upcoming album, V, the Jonas Brothers discussed their clean cut path as child stars. Joe Jonas stated: We’re not perfect. I think there’s things that public people don’t know about. Now it’s not that easy for people to get away with a lot of stuff… Read More »

Justin Bieber is Getting Sued by Disney for $150 Million for Using “JB” Initials (rumor)

Latest rumor says that Justin Bieber is being sued for $150 millions for stealing “JB” initials from the Jonas Brothers, because “JB” is copyrighted to the Jobros. Omg.. beliebers, this rumor isn’t true. It’s kinda ridiculous, because Justin Bieber was the one who BORN with the initials “JB” & Jonas Brothers is just the band… Read More »

Is Jonas Brothers Losing Popularity to Justin Bieber and Taylor Lautner?

Are the Jonas Brothers getting too old for the entertainment industry? Research at the Disney Channel, uncovered by The Daily Beast, says that Nick, Joe, and Kevin are taking a hit in album sales and ratings for their Disney show, “JONAS.” Billboard editor Ann Donahue says: “I think it’s something of a changing of the… Read More »

Justin Bieber, Selena, Demi, Jobro and Miley on the 11 Most Successful Teen Celebrity Entrepreneurs.

Forbes is recognizing teens for their hard work, and naturally , Selena, Jobro, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber are listed among the 11 Most Successful Teen Celebrity Entrepreneurs. We’re not surprised that Miley, Justin or any of the other teen stars on the list made the cut. Forbes considered celebs who have been… Read More »