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Cosmopolitan Confuses Justin Bieber With Justin Timberlake on 33 Birthday, Miley Cyrus Calls Out!

Cosmopolitan magazine tweeted out a story honoring Justin Timberlake‘s birthday, but mistakenly wrote Justin Bieber‘s name

Justin Bieber at Justin Timberlake’s Concert @HmvForum London UK

Justin Bieber spotted at Justin Timberlake concert at The Hmv Forum London, UK.

[Video] Justin Bieber Dancing at Justin Timberlake’s Gig!

Justin spotted at Justin Timberlake’s concert — dancing to JT’s new song “Mirrors”!

Producers Talk About Justin Bieber’s Transition + ‘New Generation’

Believe Acoustic producers — Da Internz — Tuo and Kosine think Justin Bieber is going about

Justin Bieber Thrilled to have Timberlake Back in the Music Game!

Justin Timberlake is finally “ready” to make new music. And while his fans will have to

Selena Gomez Not Ready to Marry Bieber, Dying to Work with Justin Timberlake!

In the September issue of Teen Vogue, Selena Gomez admits she’s in love with the music