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Madison Beer: ‘Justin Bieber still the Same Person in the Never Say Never movie’

“The Insider With Yahoo”¬†chatted with Madison Beer, who rocketed to success after posting a YouTube video

7 Years of Kidrauhl

Today, January 15th, 2014 is exactly 7 years of Kidrauhl. Mom Pattie Mallette created Justin’s youtube

13 yo Justin Bieber aka ‘kidrauhl’ commented on Tila Tequila’s Video on YouTube

Four years ago, back in 2007, when Justin Bieber was just a 13-year-old kid on YouTube

What is Kidrauhl? Why did Justin Bieber Name his Youtube Channel Kidrauhl?

Why did Justin Bieber name his Youtube Channel Kidrauhl? Who came up with this name? and