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Justin Bieber & Ashley Moore Seen Getting Close, Hiking Together in LA – PICS+VIDEO

If you’re curious who Justin Bieber is dating, you may have to look no further than

Justin Bieber Tells Stranger the Struggles of LA Life during hike at Runyon Canyon [PICS]

*Justin Bieber enjoyed a lengthy chat with fellow hiker Mike Maedke at Runyon Canyon, Los Angeles,

Justin Bieber Skateboarding in the LA Street, Prompts Cops Call, Report Says

Justin Bieber allegedly weaved in and out of traffic on his skateboard on Monday night. Accordin

The New England Patriots Meeting Justin Bieber in the Locker Room (PICS + VIDEO)

A group of New England Patriots met Justin Bieber on Monday night. Patriots players Rob Gronkowski,

Justin Bieber Spent 3 Hours at Jewish Community Center, Dining at Spago Restaurant in LA -VIDEO

Justin Bieber visited the Westside Jewish Community Center (Nov19), and is on a spiritual journey, the

Justin Meeting Fans in LA -VIDEO

Justin meeting fans in Los Angeles, July 9.