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Paparazzi Seeking Big Damages in Bieber Assault Lawsuit

A celebrity photographer (aka paparazzi) is seeking to boost the potential damages he could win from

Justin Bieber & Usher Won $10 Million “Somebody to Love” Plagiarism Lawsuit

Justin Bieber and Usher have won in a lawsuit that claimed they had stolen and copied

Justin Bieber’s Attorney Roy Black: ‘Blame it on Paparazzi & Celebrity Culture’

Justin Bieber’s defense attorney Roy Black says if you want to blame anyone for what Justin

Bieber Team Believes Deposition Video was a ‘Set Up’

Justin Bieber believes he was set up in his videotaped deposition by lawyers who baited him

Merchandise Company Sued after Calling Justin Bieber an ‘Idiot’

Bravado International Group Merchandising Services, the marketing company behind Justin Bieber, have taken Wall Celebrity to

No Evidence, Justin Bieber Not Charged for Alleged Threatening Neighbor

Justin Bieber won’t face criminal charges for allegedly threatening a neighbor who complained about his reckless