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Joustin Beaver Game Creator Suing Justin Bieber

The company behind a Joustin Beaver mobile app is suing back at Justin — the company,

Justin Bieber to Sue the ‘Joustin Beaver’ iPhone Game App

Justin Bieber is pissed over a Beaver. He has threatened to sue the makers of the

Justin Bieber’s ‘baby mama’ Mariah Yeater Caught on tape doing Drugs

US magazine Star claims to have video footage of Mariah Yeater – the woman lodging a

Mariah Yeater’s Ex boyfriend 100 Percent Sure He’s the Baby Daddy

The ex-boyfriend of Mariah Yeater has no doubt and 100 percent sure … he’s the daddy

Mariah Yeater Demands Justin Bieber to TAKE Another DNA Test

Mariah Yeater desperately wants a DNA test – just not the one Justin Bieber took last

Mariah Yeater Hiding from Justin Bieber

Mariah Yeater is running for the hills aka hiding, because she and her lawyer have NOT