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Justin Bieber: “I’m Not Looking for a Girlfriend – My Life Is Not Easy” – Full Interview!

Justin Bieber has confirmed that he’s currently NOT LOOKING FOR A GIRLFRIEND in the latest interview

Justin Bieber Tells Stranger the Struggles of LA Life during hike at Runyon Canyon [PICS]

*Justin Bieber enjoyed a lengthy chat with fellow hiker Mike Maedke at Runyon Canyon, Los Angeles,

Justin Bieber Lonely Walk at Malibu Pier: ‘I Need Time By Myself Sometimes’

Justin Bieber cut a lonely figure as he wandered along Malibu Pier in California with a

Justin Bieber is “Ready to Make Changes in his Life,” Source says

Justin Bieber is not the same person he was several months ago. A source close JB

Justin Bieber Living Life to the Fullest

Live life to the fullest

Blurry Life!

Life may seem blurry for the moment. Just be you.