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Justin Bieber Takes a Plea Deal in Miami DUI Case

Justin Bieber has reportedly agreed a plea deal in his driving under the influence (DUI) case

Justin Bieber Enjoying Cold Beer – Shirtless on Yacht!

Justin Bieber is getting a kick start to his Fourth of July weekend, giving us a

Justin Bieber DUI Charges Dropped: Plea Deal Includes Anger Management Courses

Justin Bieber has worked out a plea deal for the DUI charges against him in connection

Justin Bieber Delays his May 5th Dui Trial till July – Miami

Justin Bieber is seeking a delay in his trial currently scheduled to begin next month on

Justin Bieber Taking a Break during a Long Recording Session – April 11

Justin took a break and walked around outside of the Hit Factory recording studio at 7AM

Justin Bieber Wearing Huge Blanket in the Studio – Selena Gomez Hiding from Camera

Justin was seen arriving at a recording studio in Miami with on/off girlfriend Selena Gomez. But