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Director Jon M Chu talks about Believe 3D Movie

Director Jon M Chu reveals new detail about Justin’s new movie “BELIEVE 3D”. He tells LAtimes:

Can’t Go See Justin Bieber on Tour? Watch BELIEVE 3D Movies!

Justin wants to make sure that every one of beliebers can go see every tour he

CSI Star: I’d Still Work with Bieber.. Despite His Bratty Cameo

CSI star Marg Helgenberger told TMZ that she would work with Justin Bieber again, even if

Justin Bieber Starring in ‘Baywatch’ Movie Remake?

A former “Baywatch” star, Jeremy Jackson, wants Justin to play his character in the big screen

Mark Wahlberg: Justin Bieber’s Basketball Movie still in the Writing Process

Mark Wahlberg told MTV News Sunday that while his basketball movie with Justin Bieber has not

Justin Bieber wants to Star in a rated R movie “FEAR” remake

Justin Bieber reportedly wants to star in a remake of ‘Fear.’ The original 1996 film starred