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Chris Brown, Justin Bieber & Akon in the Studio – Collaboration?

Justin Bieber in studio with Chris Brown, Akon & Maejor Ali – working on new music.

Justin Bieber & Cody Simpson Writing ‘Beautiful’ Song Together – Music Collabo!

Justin Bieber & Cody Simpson shared some studio time together, and apparently wrote a beautiful song

Download ‘We Know The Dj Radio Vol.4’ Mixtapes for FREE

Justin Bieber’s official DJ — DJ Tay James has really taken things up a notch with

Justin Bieber ‘Working to Get Better,’ Making New Music!

Great news, Beliebers! Justin says he’s working to get better. Sure, it’s been a rough months

Justin Bieber Dancing to a New Song in a Studio (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber is ready to break headlines with what really matters: his music. He teased his

Justin Bieber Recording Music with Douglas Romanow in Toronto, Not Retiring

Music producer Douglas Romanow of Noble Street Studios posted a photo of him (right) with Justin