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Justin Bieber – “What Do You Mean?” Official Music VIDEO! Watch Now!

After MTV’s annual Video Music awards show, where Justin Bieber performed and broke down after singing his

Justin Bieber & Jack U – Where Are U Now – Official Music Video!

Where Are U Now official music video! via Jack U: “We are being overwhelmed, in a

Justin Bieber, Diplo & Skrillex Shooting Where Are U Now Music Video

The music video for Justin Bieber, Skrillex, and Diplo’s addictive EDM single “Where Are Ü Now”

Justin Bieber Makes a 6 Seconds Cameo in Maejor Ali’s “Me and You” Music Video!

Justin Bieber is featured in Maejor Ali’s “Me and You” new music video. Justin appears at

Five Year Anniversary Of “Baby” Music Video Release! #5YearsOfBabyMusicVideo

Baby, Baby, baby! Beliebers are celebrating the five year anniversary of JB’s iconic “Baby” music video’s

Justin Bieber ‘Confident’ Among the Worst Music Videos of 2014! + Nicki Minaj Anaconda, Avril Lavigne Hello Kitty! Yahoo Music!

Justin Bieber’s “Confident” is one of the worst music video of 2014, according to Yahoo! Music.