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Justin Bieber Making Music Video at Dundas Square, Toronto

Justin was photographed and filmed by his BFF and director, Ryan Butler at Dundas Square, in

#4YearsOfBaby #1BillionViews

Can’t believe it’s been 4 years since “Baby” music video uploaded on Youtube. Keep watching —

Justin Bieber “Confident” Official Music Video

The wait is over. VEVO has released Justin’s new music video; CONFIDENT. Watch Justin works his

Justin Bieber Dancing in ‘Confident’ Video Teaser

UPDATE: Official CONFIDENT VIDEO HERE! Justin’s set to drop the video today, Jan 29. Check out

Confident Video Coming This Week!

CONFIDENT music video coming this week, directed by Colin Tilley.

From Lolly

Awesome pic from Lolly music video. Watch Lolly video here. “Confident” coming soon.