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Justin Bieber’s New Album 40% Done – Big Fan of Ed Sheeran -VIDEO Interview with 99.5 PLJ

Justin Bieber tells 99.5 PLJ’s Ralphie Aversa about the emotional moment when he found out that

Pre-Order Justin Bieber’s new Album – Get Autographed CD + T-Shirt

You can now pre-order Justin Bieber’s new album click here. Included in package: – Autographed Deluxe

Justin Bieber Records ‘Sickest Song Ever’ in much anticipated fourth studio album

Justin Bieber revealed he recorded the “sickest song ever” to fans waiting outside a Los Angeles

Justin Bieber Announcing Summer Tour 2015 + Dropping Album Soon – YouNow Livestream VIDEO

Justin says he’s going on tour this summer 2015, and to release new album – very

Justin Bieber’s New Album Leaked? Fans Prank Justin – April Fool’s Day 2015

Justin Bieber probably woke up this morning almost sh**tting his pants. When everyone signed onto Twitter

Justin Bieber Confirms To Release New Album In 2015

There has been speculation for a while now that Justin is planning to release an album