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Justin Bieber & Cody Simpson Partying – Steps on a woman’s bare foot! [PICS]

Justin Bieber and his pal Cody Simpson made fans dreams come true when they were spotted

Justin Bieber Partying with Leonardo DiCaprio at 1Oak nightclub [PICS]

Justin Bieber & Leonardo DiCaprio were spotted partying it up together at 1Oak nightclub in West

Shy Camera Justin Bieber Enjoys A Night Out At Hyde Lounge in Hollywood [PICS]

Justin Bieber hides his face at Hyde Lounge after enjoying a night out in Hollywood, California

A Fan says He’s Punched for Taking Justin Bieber’s Photo at FLUXX Nightclub in San Diego (Feb22) -VIDEO

*Justin Bieber flirting with a girlĀ at FLUXX Nightclub, San Diego, February 22, 2015. A man has

Justin Bieber & Chris Brown Clubbing on Sunset Strip!

Justin Bieber and Chris Brown hung out with friends at a club on the Sunset Strip

Justin Bieber Sneaking Out of the Club DBA in WeHo -VIDEO

Justin Bieber sneaking out of back door at Club DBA in West Hollywood (July 15, 2014).