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Fight: Justin Bieber throws a punch at paparazzi in Paris

Justin Bieber got testy with the paparazzi on Tuesday night after returning from dinner with Kendall

Justin Bieber Minor Car Accident with Paparazzi, Referencing Princess Diana on Twitter

Justin Bieber was involved in a minor car accident on Tuesday (August 26th) when a photographer’s

Justin Bieber tells Woman: ‘Look What Happens In My Life’ Following Bodyguard Scuffle -VIDEO

Justin Bieber tried to keep himself and his bodyguards out of trouble when a photographer got

Justin Bieber Being SUED over 2013 Ferrari Hit-and-Run Incident

An incident from last summer may be causing Justin Bieber trouble again. Last year on June

Justin Bieber gets into Car Accident after Chase with Paparazzi in Beverly Hills -VIDEO

Justin Bieber was reportedly involved in a car accident in Beverly Hills on Tuesday (June 24).

Justin Bieber Tells Paps: “You can film me… just don’t talk.” – VIDEO

Justin at The Grove outdoor shopping mall in LA on Wednesday, telling TMZ photographer, “You can