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Justin Bieber Hits Paparazzi with Car Door in Berlin, Germany -VIDEO

Justin Bieber arrived in Berlin, Germany on Monday, ahead of promoting his smash hit single “What

Justin Bieber won’t turn into a Wedding Singer!

Justin Bieber will not turn into a wedding singer under any circumstances. He was seen leaving

Justin Bieber Confronts Paparazzi at Duff’s CakeMix – Watch VIDEO!

Justin Bieber not too happy when paparazzi follow him everywhere. Watch Justin talks to paps outside

Argentina wants to arrest Justin Bieber over Paparazzi Beating Scandal -VIDEO!

An Argentine judge ordered the arrest of Justin Bieber if he sets foot in the country

Justin Bieber Hides his Face with Palms Fronds after Hike with Ryan Butler -VIDEO

Justin meets friends for a hike at the popular Runyon Canyon trail in Hollywood (Jan24). Justin

Justin Bieber’s Desperate for the ‘Hit and Run’ case to be ‘Tossed Out’ completely, report says

Justin Bieber is desperate for the case to be ‘tossed out’ completely, according to new reports.