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VIDEO: Justin Bieber Being Super Nice with Fans in Paris

Justin Bieber spotted doing some shopping in Paris, he first went to Montaigne market, then to

Fight: Justin Bieber throws a punch at paparazzi in Paris

Justin Bieber got testy with the paparazzi on Tuesday night after returning from dinner with Kendall

Justin Bieber & Kendall Jenner – Romantic Lunch Date in Paris

Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner were just spotted hanging out together in Paris! The two got

Justin Bieber Meet and Greet in Paris – SMile!

Meet and greet in Paris.

VIDEOS: Justin Bieber Performs at Palais omnisport de Paris Bercy, FR

Justin performs at the Palais omnisport de Paris Bercy Arena in Paris FRANCE (March 19). Watch

VIDEO: Justin Bieber Sneaking into The Moulin Rouge Show, Paris

Justin Bieber went to the famous Moulin Rouge show place late night in Pigalle, Paris —