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President Obama Kisses Justin Bieber on the Lips to Save Obamacare on ‘SNL’ (VIDEO Parody)

In the final hours before the deadline to sign up for healthcare program, Obama’s aides

Justin Bieber vs Normal People (Video Parody)

Found this video and thought it was funny. ^_^ Video by YoMuscleBoii.

Justin Bieber Apologized to the Eggs – SNL (VIDEO)

The funny people of Saturday Night Live have message for Justin Bieber. With SNL‘s great Kate McKinnon

Justin Bieber “All That Matters” PARODY by Bart Baker

Here’s Justin Bieber – “All That Matters” PARODY by Bart Baker.

Miley Cyrus Sleeping with Justin Bieber [Video Parody]

Miley Cyrus appears in a parody of the infamous “Justin Bieber sleeping” video put out by

Justin Puppet Bieber “Boyfriend” Parody Video – “TOYFRIEND”

Puppet Bieber “Boyfriend” Parody Video – “TOYFRIEND”