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Comedy Central writer Jeff Ross to Destroy Justin Bieber: “It will be the best roast ever!”

Justin Bieber’s heartfelt video about changing his ways might melt the hearts of Beliebers, but comedian

VIDEO: SNL Mocks Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ad

SNL (Saturday Night Live) mocked Justin Bieber and his Calvin Klein ads in a series of

Justin Bieber Shows off his butt – Calvin Klein ‘My Hands Hurt’ (video parody)

Video spoof of the latest Calvin Klein campaign featuring Justin Bieber, Lara Stone and a drum

President Obama Kisses Justin Bieber on the Lips to Save Obamacare on ‘SNL’ (VIDEO Parody)

In the final hours before the deadline to sign up for healthcare program, Obama’s aides

Justin Bieber vs Normal People (Video Parody)

Found this video and thought it was funny. ^_^ Video by YoMuscleBoii.

Justin Bieber Apologized to the Eggs – SNL (VIDEO)

The funny people of Saturday Night Live have message for Justin Bieber. With SNL‘s great Kate McKinnon