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Justin Bieber Confirms his Cell Phone Number LIVE on Radio Interview!!!

Justin Bieber chats with Power 106’s Big Boys Neighborhood, ┬áhe talks about his plans for 2014

Texas Man gets Thousands Calls after Justin Bieber Tweeted his Phone Number

A man in Dallas, Texas got thousands of calls after Justin Bieber tweeted a fake phone

Justin Bieber Reveals His Phone Number on Twitter!

(source: Justin Bieber posted the phone number to his Twitter page and wrote “Call me…

Why did Justin Bieber Tweet Kevin’s Phone Number?

Alot of you may wonder, why did Justin Bieber give out his enemy (Kevin Kristopik)’s phone

Justin Bieber Tweets Phone Number of His Enemy aka Hacker, Kevin Kristopik

On Saturday night, a tweet appeared then quickly deleted on Justin Bieber’s Twitter account. Justin tweeted:

Justin Bieber Real Cell Phone Private Number?

  Many Justin Bieber fans were asking in the chat Room for Justin Bieber’s private cell