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Justin Bieber Questioned By Police Officers in ROME Over Argentina Arrest Warrant!

Justin Bieber has reportedly been questioned by police in Rome, ITALY in connection with Argentina’s request

Justin Bieber in Miami— Cops Called After Party Girls Get the Boot, report says

*Pool Party: Justin and the girls at Miami hotel Justin Bieber is enjoying a week-long 21st

No Drugs Found in Justin Bieber’s Bag. But Why Did Police Search his Bags?

As previously reported, Justin had his bags checked by drug-sniffing dogs at Fort Lauderdale airport in

Joyriding a White Ferrari, Justin Bieber Stopped by Cops!

Justin Bieber stopped by cops when he went joyriding in a white Ferrari Tuesday night in

Justin Bieber is Arrested by Dallas POlice? NO

NO. Justin Bieber was never arrested. He is in London, UK when the rumor spread. Justin

Breaking Curfew, Justin Bieber got Picked up by Police

Justin Bieber has confessed he was once brought home by police after breaking a curfew by