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Justin Bieber Cameo in Poo Bear “Work For It” Music Video ft. Tyga

Poo Bear debuts his music video “Work for It” featuring two of his famous friends, Justin

Poo Bear & Justin Bieber to Release ‘Finished Version’ of ‘Hard to Face Reality’ on Nov 19th

Singer & producer Poo Bear announced on Wednesday (19) that he will be launching a new

Justin Bieber in Canada

@justinbieber: Mosquitos in Canada are crazyyyy wow Justin, Poo Bear, and founders of Shot.me Johnny &

Watch Justin Bieber Found a Huge Shoe for PooBear in Japan – VIDEO

Justin, his mom Pattie and friends at the shoe store in Tokyo, Japan (April 22). @pattiemallette:

Poo Bear: ‘Justin Bieber is 19 but Mature; Mentally 35’

The producer and pal of Justin Bieber, Poo Bear [Jason Boyd], gave an interview to the

Justin Bieber’s Producer – Poo Bear INterview

Fanlala talks with Justin Bieber’s current producer Poo Bear to find out what beliebers can expect