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Justin Bieber & Steve-O Undercover Clown Prank – VIDEO

Justin Bieber skating with Steve-O on Undercover Clown Prank – VIDEO BELOW. From Steve-O I was

The Bieber Buckhead Protest is Radio Prank Jokes [Update]

Buckhead Coalition president Sam Massell has been fielding phone calls from all over the place about

Justin Bieber Married 10 Years – Coma Prank [Viral VIDEO]

Youtuber Tom Mabe set up a fake hospital room in Kentucky and fed his friend, an alleged

Justin Bieber Naked Photo With a Guitar Leaked

TMZ has obtained photos of Justin Bieber getting NAKID for grandma on Canadian Thanksgiving — holding

Video: Justin Bieber Pick Up Girls Lyrics :)

The guy from use Justin Bieber song lyrics to try and pick up girls. see

Justin Bieber Halloween Prank (Someday Shoot)

It looks like Justin is going to walk up behind her to create a romantic moment,