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VIDEO: Justin Bieber Gets Kidnapped – Public Prank!

Fake Justin Bieber gets kidnapped in the busy street of Hollywood blvd, LA.

Justin Bieber & Steve-O Undercover Clown Prank – VIDEO

Justin Bieber skating with Steve-O on Undercover Clown Prank – VIDEO BELOW. From Steve-O I was

The Bieber Buckhead Protest is Radio Prank Jokes [Update]

Buckhead Coalition president Sam Massell has been fielding phone calls from all over the place about

Justin Bieber Married 10 Years – Coma Prank [Viral VIDEO]

Youtuber Tom Mabe set up a fake hospital room in Kentucky and fed his friend, an alleged

Justin Bieber Naked Photo With a Guitar Leaked

TMZ has obtained photos of Justin Bieber getting NAKID for grandma on Canadian Thanksgiving — holding

Video: Justin Bieber Pick Up Girls Lyrics :)

The guy from use Justin Bieber song lyrics to try and pick up girls. see