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Justin Bieber Leaving Las Vegas on a Private Jet after aBelated 21st Birthday party at OMNIA!

Leaving VEGAS! Justin was spotted rocking a rather shaggy do as he wore his hair down

Justin Bieber Salutes – Exiting Private Jet in Los Angeles Airport – VIDEO

Justin Bieber is seen exiting a private jet in Los Angeles. He was in New York

Justin Bieber Did NOT Buy the Private Jet, He Chartered It!

It turns out that Justin Bieber doesn’t really own that private jet that he said he

Floyd Mayweather Welcomes Justin Bieber to the Private Jet CLUB, Admit for Being ‘Materialistic & Motivated by Money’

Floyd Mayweather Jr. welcomed Justin Bieber to “the Jet Club.” Mayweather took to Instagram to welcome

Justin Bieber Bought $60M G6 Private Jet for His Own Christmas Gift! [PICS]

Justin Bieber appeared to gift himself a luxury private jet this Christmas, blasting out boastful pictures

Justin Bieber Leaving LA – Skipping Selena Gomez’s 2014 AMAs Performance!

Justin Bieber leaving Los Angeles on his private jet a day before his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez