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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Reunited in Canada? A Family Friend Accidentally Spills Secret

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber sparked reconciliation rumors over the weekend when a Twitter user sent

Justin Bieber Caused the Calvin Harris & Rita Ora Break-up, Rumor Says

Rita Ora and Calvin Harris have broken up, the DJ confirmed on Twitter after both were

Barbara Palvin to Beliebers: “Justin Bieber is All Yours”, Denies Dating Rumor

After rumors ran wild that Justin Bieber and Barbara Palvin hooked up in Cannes last week,

Justin Bieber Taking Yovanna Ventura to Miami Senior High School’s Prom – Rumor says

The buzz at Miami Senior High School is that Justin Bieber will be attending the school’s

Blake Griffin Would “Slap” Justin Bieber If He Threatened A Starbucks Barista – Rollingstone

Back in early February, someone started a rumor about how NBA player Blake Griffin had slapped

SHARON Osbourne to Save Justin Bieber? Scooter Can’t Handle the Bizzle, Report Says

Manager Scooter Braun has asked Sharon Osbourne to help “save” Justin Bieber, reports the National Enquirer.