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Tati Neves: “Justin Bieber Is Well-Endowed & Very Good in Bed”

Tati Neves’ press tour continues. The 27-year-old Brazilian model and prostitute who filmed Justin Bieber sleeping

Brazilian Girl Speaks Out About Sleeping with Justin Bieber [Interview]

Justin Bieber‘s Brazilian girl Tatiana Neves Barbosa seems to be enjoying life in the spotlight —

Video: Justin Bieber Sleeping with Brazilian Girl?

At the weekend Justin Bieber was reportedly sneaked out of a brothel covered by bedsheets in

Justin Bieber Causes Orlando Bloom & VS Model Miranda Kerr Split, Report says

The Daily Mirror reported that model¬†Miranda Kerr‘s friendship with Justin Bieber is said to be one

Ariana Grande: “I’d Never Date Justin Bieber” but he’s “a Nice Kid” [Video]

Ariana Grande may have been romantically linked to Justin Bieber after the kissy pic of the

Justin Bieber Banned From Entering the United States? Only If Found Guilty in the Hamptoms Club Assault, report says!

This could be bad news for all Beliebers in the United States! According to an attorney