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Justin Bieber Betrayed by a Friend who Sold Marijuana Photos for $25000

The alleged marijuana images, posted by TMZ last week were reportedly taken in a hotel room

Pic: Justin Bieber Smoking Weed?

Justin Bieber was photographed smoking a blunt at a party in a hotel room the day

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will EVENTUALLY Get Married?

Jelena’s marriage rumors circulating again. reports that Selena was seen carrying the book “The 5

Justin Bieber Accused of Racist Comment on Indians “Get Free Gas”

Justin Bieber’s recent comments about his confusion over his heritage has angered an Aboriginal rights group,

Justin Bieber Not Attending Cornell University in the Fall

A rumor floating around internet claims that Justin Bieber will be attending Cornell University in August.

Is Justin Bieber still VIRGIN?

We received email from Aaliyah15 asking if Justin Bieber still Virgin? TO BE HONEST, we don’t