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‘Hot Justin Bieber is DEATH’ Twitter Scam!

A Twitter term that’s trending around the world is spreading malware. “HOT Justin Bieber Is DEATH,”

Scam Alert: ‘Justin Bieber Killed a 7-Year-Old Boy’ Facebook App

A viral Facebook post titled “Justin Bieber Killed a 7-Year-Old Boy” being distributed on Facebook claims

4Chan Trolls Campaign “Cut For Bieber” Urged Beliebers to Cut Themselves! DONT!

On Monday afternoon, 4chan (internet trolls) unleashed its latest prank on the Internet: a disturbing campaign

Beware of Fake Justin Bieber Tickets & Scams!

Beware of fake Bieber tickets. Online scammers are targeting Edmontonian beliebers who are suffering from Bieber

Justin Bieber Ticket Scam ALERT!

Ticket Scam ALERT for all the beliebers. Never buy ticket from unknown sources. Beliebers are being

Latest Facebook Scam Alert: Justin Bieber Hits Girl for No Reason

Justin Bieber Hits Girl For No Reason’ is the Latest Facebook Scam If you see a