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Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Madonna Take Selfies – Despite Social Media Ban at the Met Gala 2015

Social media snapping has been banned from the Met Gala this year, but that isn’t stopping

Justin Bieber Greeting Fans at the NICE GUY restaurant in LA

Justin Bieber shows some swagger while stepping out of “The Nice Guy” restaurant after his surprise

Justin Bieber Met Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld At Paris Fashion Week

Justin Bieber met Karl Lagerfeld. He didn’t pass up the opportunity to take a selfie with

Justin Bieber at Four Season Hotel LA – Beverly Hills Hollywood

How sweet! Justin Bieber smiling, and took selfies with fans as he left the Four Seasons

Justin Bieber Took Selfies!

Justin Bieber grabbed fan’s phones on stage and took selfies during show at MSG last night!