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Wikileaks: Justin Bieber Was Considered for a Part in Movie “The Interview”

When the massive Sony hack went down last November, the Seth Rogen/James Franco The Interview was

Justin Bieber Challenges Seth Rogen to Roast Him for his Birthday During Comedy Central Special #BieberRoast

Justin Bieber put in a special request on Twitter last night for his upcoming Comedy Central

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Seth Rogen had some bad things to say about Justin Bieber, and he’s showing no signs

Seth Rogen Tell-All, Explaining His Hate for Justin Bieber

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Seth Rogen: ‘Justin Bieber is A Piece of Sh*t, Obnoxious & Ungrateful’ (VIDEO)

Comedian Seth Rogen slammed Justin Bieber as ‘obnoxious and ungrateful’ on ‘Watch What Happens Live.’ He